[Infographic] Here’s what you need to know about renting your first apartment

[Infographic] Here’s what you need to know about renting your first apartment

I Didn't Shower For a Month and This Is What Happened - Challenge I am able to pay cash, and I don’t need a mortgage. I recently read online that I am considered too old to buy my first house. Should I rent. your home will be as you age, as your needs and the.

Shadow Inventory of Homes to Take Nearly 3 Years to Clear: S&P Shadow inventory threatens housing recovery. There were 1.7 million homes either owned by the bank or in some stage of foreclosure at the end of the third quarter of 2010, according to a recent report by Standard & Poor’s. It would take 44 months, at the current rate of sales, to sell them off — a 25% increase from the beginning of 2010.

Renting an apartment of your own means you get to live where you want and have a new level of independence. But your apartment search is just the beginning. The process of renting an apartment-from being financially ready to submit your rental application-will all go more smoothly if you know what to expect.

As you look around for your first apartment, there are other expenses. Figure out the range of monthly rent and come up with a list of the ones you want to check out.. roughly a month for your living costs, here are some tips for your first budget:. nextlegal tenant screening criteria checklist: Infographic.

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Prepare to move into your first apartment with these handy. I have put together a checklist to make sure you do not forget any important. Are you watching your first month's rent circling the drain?. The size and layout of your apartment will determine where and. No matter how you frame it, this is home.

While you dream up how to decorate your new home, we’re here to bring you the ultimate first apartment checklist. With this comprehensive list in hand, you’ll be sure to have everything you need for your first apartment.

renting; What you need to know about living in an apartment. MORE people are buying apartments as house prices rise, but apartment living isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.. If you want to.

Moving into your first apartment is always exciting, however, finding the right one, at the right price in a space that suits your needs is always an unnerving experience. It is important to do some research and know what you are looking for before jumping into a lease.

SunTrust pays $320M to resolve HAMP violations On July 3, DOJ announced that SunTrust Mortgage Inc. has agreed to pay $320 million to resolve a criminal investigation relating to its administration of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), a U.S. mortgage-modification program.

 · Helpful rental search sites. Craiglist: AWhile the site’s listings can range from drop-dead gorgeous to downright scary, Craigslist remains a go-to for finding an apartment in Philly.; Rental Beast: This site launched in Philly a few years ago and offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that will point you to apartments currently available in mid-rise buildings and row houses around town.

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