Hurdles remain for disparate impact claims in housing despite SCOTUS ruling

Hurdles remain for disparate impact claims in housing despite SCOTUS ruling

ill-considered 5-4 decision allowing the disparate-impact approach under the Fair Housing Act at all, since that is not a fair reading of the statute and, even better, (b) a Supreme court ruling that,

Despite the hard work, the risk that application or lending data shows a unintended lending pattern continues to keep compliance officers awake at night. Under the doctrine of “disparate impact,” an.

Monday’s Supreme Court decision regarding voter registration (in. Holly case involves the dubious “disparate impact” legal theory championed by the administration. Assistant attorney general for.

The U.S. Supreme Court on thursday gave equal rights advocates a win by holding the Fair Housing Act encompasses claims for disparate impact, not just intentional discrimination, but the justices.

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down state laws against gay nuptials, but logistical hurdles remain in place before the marriages. which is already taking place in the 13 states where prior to.

Managing Fair Lending Risk - Concepts of Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact Despite the fact that Ojo had never made a claim. of disparate impact tests for property casualty insurance,” said Joe Woods, vice president for the property casualty insurers association of.

The money was borrowed on June 1, 2014, and the note matures January 1, 2015.Hurdles remain for disparate impact claims in housing despite. – The 5-4 decision holds that there is a disparate impact claim under the FHA as a matter of statutory interpretation.. impact claims in housing despite SCOTUS ruling.. remain for disparate.

Despite this positive outcome, however, the ruling only reinforces what has already been widely accepted for decades: that disparate impact is a fair, and important, standard. But with discriminatory policies still prevalent throughout the country, disparate impact alone is not enough.

Despite the McCarran-Ferguson Act, which reserved the regulation of the “business of insurance” to the states, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has given itself the ability to.

ing, and the other fields where disparate impact claims may be raised. As a his-. Substantively as well, voting resembles employment and housing in that it is a valued.. remain open about the test, as well as the practical and constitutional concerns that loom. The Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder .

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