7.6 Million Borrowers Underwater on Mortgages: Study

7.6 Million Borrowers Underwater on Mortgages: Study

Call it the political elephant in the room: 1.2 million families across the country are now at some stage of foreclosure, 3.8 million homeowners have been foreclosed upon since September 2008, 11.4.

The overall recovery isn’t a neat, straight line, but rather a scattered picture of the many variables that, together, weave the tapestry that values American homes.7.6 Million Borrowers Underwater on Mortgages: Study CHOICERenovation allows lenders to deliver loans to Freddie Mac where the borrower uses the loan proceeds to pay for the.

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The ranks of underwater borrowers nationwide dropped. allocations from the Hardest Hit Fund, a $7.6 billion aid program for families in states with the largest home-price declines. Of that amount,

As of the end of December 2008, more than 8.3 million U.S. mortgages, or 20% of all mortgaged properties, were in a negative-equity position – a jump from September 2008’s total of 7.6 million, according to First American CoreLogic’s latest negative-equity report. During the fourth quarter of 2008, an average of 230,000 borrowers a month [.]

REO sales may not peak until 2013 The sale of properties repossessed through foreclosure may not peak until 2013, keeping home prices from a meaningful recovery for some time, analysts estimated monday. Nearly half of the more.

Study: Adoption of New Credit Scoring Models by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Provides Vast Opportunities for Homeownership and Revenues. This includes expanding mortgage access to 16 percent more Hispanic and African American households as compared with 2013 levels.. 7.6 million have credit.

Few states saw as big a housing bubble as Nevada, and the bust has left nearly two-thirds of the state’s mortgage borrowers underwater. Around half of all loans backed by Fannie Mae in the state are deeply underwater, where borrowers owe more than 125% of the value of their homes.

Mortgage rates hold tight Housing demand has been restrained by tight credit and sluggish wage growth. Yesterday she said the central bank is likely to hold rates near zero at least through the first quarter. Mortgage rates.

And if Zillow’s estimates of the number of underwater borrowers are correct — First American CoreLogic has estimated that 7.6 million U.S. households were underwater on their mortgages as of Oct.

FL homeowners flock to principal reduction program Beginning October 15, 2016, loan servicers must begin contacting eligible homeowners about the principal reduction modification program. They have until December 31, 2016 to do so, which means homeowners have a very narrow window to apply for a principal reduction. The FHFA estimates that approximately 33,000 homeowners will qualify.

A sinking feeling By. compared with 7.6 million three months earlier.. More than half of all mortgage borrowers in Nevada were upside down on their loans at the end of the year, according to.

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