Nation added only 148,000 jobs in September

Nation added only 148,000 jobs in September

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The Unemployment Rate Is Less Relevant Than Ever | Economic. – . the average monthly growth rate of the last three months to just 148,000 jobs.. But the actual labor force numbers just 155.5 million.. Public sector adds jobs, but still down nearly 1.5 million.. This is a 12-month average (September 2012- August 2013), since this series is not seasonally adjusted.

City Council candidate DROPS OUT – BAKER to speed up MBTA fix – No rush on STATE BUDGET – But as I look at June and July, I know my time’s going to be limited because of that full-time job, and it’s unfortunately not allowing. Bay Transportation Authority voted Monday to add the state.

Mortgage Risk Index hits series high in January The National Mortgage Risk Index (NMRI), created in November 2012, is a measure of housing market risk devised by the International Center on Housing Risk at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). It is intended to determine the ability of the housing market to withstand stresses similar to the.

US employers add only 142,000 jobs in September – WASHINGTON >> The U.S. job market no longer looks quite so robust. Employers added a meager 142,000 jobs in September, the government said Friday. It’s a brutal job market for people with only a.

This is why Trump’s election is causing the recent uptick in interest rates Investors still see relative value in subprime mortgage bonds The mortgage market is estimated at $12 trillion with approximately 6.41% of loans delinquent and 2.75% of loans in foreclosure as of August 2008. The estimated value of subprime adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) resetting at higher interest rates is U.S. $400 billion for 2007 and $500 billion for 2008. · By contrast, it’s easier to envision the Fed cutting rates in the near future and causing the entire Treasury curve to lurch lower in anticipation of further easing. That might be why a measure called the term premium just reached its lowest level on record – investors simply see minuscule risk in owning longer-dated securities.

GOVERNMENT JOBS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS SEPTEMBER 2018 part 2 Vacancies U.S. creates 148,000 jobs in September – MarketWatch – WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The U.S. created a modest 148,000 jobs in September but the number of people hired in August was higher than previously reported, indicating an economy on a zigzag.

jobs report : NPR – Hiring Slows Amid Trade Tensions, With Only 75,000 Jobs Added In May.. 148,000 Jobs Were Added To U.S. Economy In December. U.S. Jobs Dropped By 33,000 In September, Likely Due To Storms. June 2, 2017 The national unemployment rate nudged lower to 4.3 percent – the lowest it has been in 16 years.

Economy Adds 148,000 Jobs, Reacts to Government Shutdown – Data from the report shows that the economy added only 148,000 jobs in September, bringing the current unemployment rate from 7.3 to 7.2 percent. Among the growth, businesses added just over 126,000 jobs while federal, state, and local governments added only 22,000, notes USA Today.

Jon Stewart lashes out at Congress over 9/11 victims fund – Firefighters, police and other first responders “did their jobs with courage, grace, tenacity and humility,” Stewart added.

Delayed US September jobs report disappoints with 148,000 new. – Construction added 20,000 jobs in September after six months of stagnation. retail industries added 20,800 jobs, largely at food and beverage stores and automobile dealers, but that was a slower.

The U.S. Economy Added 2.1 Million Jobs in 2017 – In the final month of 2017, the U.S. economy added 148,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All told, an additional 2.11. sells $65 million in commercial assets attracting close to 7,200 people to participate in its US+ million auction. More than 4,800 items from 670+ owners were sold in the two-day event (march 12 – 13). Approximately 88 percent of the.

Florida and Texas Post Record Sept.-to-Sept. Job Gains; Ohio. – ( – Florida and Texas, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not only led the nation in the number of nonfarm jobs they added in the year running from September 2017 to September 2018 but also added the greatest number of jobs to their states in any September-to-September period on record.

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